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Patrick Chingʻs Art

Artist Patrick Ching is an internationally renown artist, author, and television host. Patrick was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1962. He had difficulty learning to read in elementary school and credits his love for critters, like frogs, for getting him to read the captions about these animals in the encyclopedia.


Patrick went to an Outward Bound wilderness program for troubled youths. It was there that he decided on his lifeʻs mission to teach people about nature with art. At age 16 he became a professional artist and has been one ever since.

Along the way Patrick has also been a ranger for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and a bull rider and rodeo clown throughout Hawaii and in California and New Zealand. His lifetime of experiences are evident in his detailed artwork featuring the places and animals that he loves.

Currently, Patrick does art commissions and teaches painting workshops live and online. He is the host of the art and nature TV show called "Painting in Paradise".

You can see his Art, Lessons and Books at:

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